Earliest Dream I Remember

When I was little, not sure how old I was, I used to have this recurring dream.

I would be in this office building that had many rooms. There were filing cabinets lining all the walls. The walls were a light tan off white color lit by harsh florescent lighting. There was this evil witch flying around the office building looking for me.

She wore all black with pointed shoes. Her nose was long and crooked and she had skeleton like fingers. Her cackle was ominous and would send shivers down my spine.

I remember being very afraid and hiding in one of the many rooms crouching down so the evil witch couldn’t find me. I was trying to be so small so she couldn’t see me as she flew by and the fear of her wanting to kill me was overwhelming. Most of the time I would just wake up before she could find me. But there was one dream where she did find me and stormed into the room where I was hiding and took a hold of me.

Then I woke up, thank God!