An Intuitive Healer in the Making

When I started working with my mentor almost three years ago, I was a complete mess. I was having panic attacks almost every day and I felt as if I had this massive tornado churning inside me. I was in turmoil. Since then, I have made tremendous strides learning techniques that have allowed me to become more confident and less afraid. More importantly, she said it was okay that I still felt like I needed assistance. I was unique, just like everyone else, and I shouldn’t compare myself to anyone. I thought about this when John and I had dinner with a good friend a few weeks ago.

We met our friend at her hotel and decided to have dinner at a local restaurant. We talked about many things that evening but one moment stood out. It was when she started talking about how she was carrying this guilt for the passing of her father.

As she spoke about her father and the circumstances that surrounded his passing, I realized I was bitting my bottom lip and getting a twinge in my stomach. Then I thought, “That is what Theresa Caputo does” and I started chuckling.

As this was happening I could see an image of her father. It was not like I entered a trance or anything because I could see my friend, too. It was like a vision but one that only I could see.

Her dad was just standing there, holding a green leafy bouquet in his hands. Cartoon red hearts were coming from his mouth but his mouth was closed. In an instant I knew it was his way of telling her that he loved her more than anything in the world. That was the message that she needed to know.

As she sat and listened, I had so much love and compassion for her that I didn’t worry about being afraid to share. The information came so effortlessly that I didn’t have time to think about it. She was grateful for the healing message I had for her.

It made me realize my gifts will be there to support those who are in need of them. Do I get messages all the time? No. I can’t force a reading or a healing message for someone. Maybe, there will be a day the messages become more frequent. I guess we will have to wait and see.

This reinforces for me that my gifts are truly God given. My purpose is to use my gifts and abilities to serve others to give them peace.

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